A collection of stories given life through your imagination and told with a personalized flare. Heavily inspired by manga/anime.
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Og Uri-Gad






“Living a life of merry is the lifeblood of man,” I say. And I am right! Hoho, am I right!

Chapter Zero

Acrylic Ark Arches onto Archaic Arc

     The stratosphere’s trumpets had blasted at the whip-crack of lightning, and the lands marched at its fanfare. The marvelous Kingdom of the Black Mountain left its snaily trail as it turned from land, to plate, to a massive drifting raft. Families being separated was a sad sight to behold; tremendous tragedy, terrible in truth to triple-say it drained the souls of the noblest and the blessed in a rusty, rancid reap.
     A family of four – a man, a woman, and their two offspring – tried to deny this cruel fate. The family was well-versed in many arts of the occult; the man, crafty as an otter, had unparalleled dominion in the ancient arts of scribing and carpentry, while his wife was an adept numerologist. Their children, studying to become scholars, pitched in an idea that would work to keep the family together – away from drifting lands and tears alike.
     Their objective was to craft an ark – not one to house colonies of animals, but one able to maintain the four of them until the lands stabilized. Work proved arduous, but with a feeble bit of time, a quartet-sized ark was brought to the treadmills of the Great Gaia. The party set out for open seas, keen on escaping from the dying world.
The ark’s raft-like size was not of aid, however. It was weak.
The world dragged them down with it.

     Pruned apart by the mere gargle of a sick planet, the family of four was lost and loved.
The man, however, was not granted the pardon of rest. He had not just bitten a bullet – he chomped as if it was his favorite mix of bread and cheese, and was forced to swallow the peppery pellets. Land-crashing onto a safe-haven port, the old man had the chance to work for his redemption. This time with friends! Classic sandy, crumbly friends! These sandmen, with their impressive, awe-stamping powers, helped with the construction of the ship and deconstruction of anything that went against them. Plus, they were great for running errands like nabbing groceries and dusting caves into better shape. Thus emerged another sail, bigger this time!
     ... Yet another shipwreck. Except… Different. It is as if fate had caused it to turn into the perfect travel companion for the sedentary. The ship was almost sent to the trail of the Pegasus by a wave, and it lays perfectly still at the edge of an oceanic cliff – flawlessly impaled by a massive spike.
With a home near the sea and powers to kickstart his epic, it is as if the very world that ate his heart wished him jolly once again.


+ An assortment of star-shaped crystals, of varying colors;
+ A collection of scrolls and books, detailing fabulous tales and never-to-be magical journeys;
+ A collection of random beach finds, such as corals, seashells, and urchin skeletons;
+ A wizardry robe that leaves no trace of a face;
+ Seagull pens and blobhead ink.


Galant Garbs of a Gambitous Galoot:

 Rocking in a dwarfish 162cm, Og rarely ever underastounds with his meticulous garbs, as if taken straight from a fable of animal and an animated mall. Artificial pelts coat his limbs, shoes the likes of which a goblin would fancy to protect his feet, and his main body frame is sheltered within carefully-crafted sheets of cape. His hands are covered by gloves, and under his borderline jester-like headpiece, he flaunts a nightly, full-head morph mask that marks his presence as an effectively faceless figure.


Character of Inheritance

Avicebron (Solomon Ibn-Gabirol) - Fate/Apocrypha

URL Link to Character





Workforce provider, artisan, do-all magician, self-proclaimed permit hermit.

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Og Uri-Gad
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