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 General Site Rules

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PostSubject: General Site Rules   General Site Rules Icon_minitimeFri Jun 08, 2018 1:08 am

Site Rules

Welcome to Kingdom of Broken Barriers! Below is a list of rules and guidelines to ensure that everyone on the site has a fun and safe time. We hold each member of this site to a high moral standard and expect them to follow the site rules as written here.

Respect The Staff!

The staff is here to help everyone and work toward making sure each and every member has a pleasant time here. So, we ask that you respect them. If you have a question, comment, or concern there are several ways that you can voice them without being rude a staff member. If you feel that a staff member has done something wrong, feel free to request another member of staff to look over the situation so that we may resolve things peacefully and professionally!

Respect Other Members

Be respectful of other members and treat each other kindly. This site is a community that should be welcoming to any that wish to come and role play. Please avoid the usage of any language that may offend anyone such as but not limited to racism, religion, gender identity harassment, sexuality harassment, and sexual harassment. Harasment of any kind shall not be allowed and if someone is asking you to stop what your doing, please be respectful and leave them be. If you have a problem with a member please contact a staff member and allow them to help. Treat people how you would like to be treated!

Avoid Explicit Material

Avoid posting any pornographic or offensive materials anywhere on the site. While the occasional steamy topic is fine, this site caters to a general audience and anything rated 18+ will not be allowed to be explicitly role played, written, or shown. Vague references, within a mature and realistic reasoning, is acceptable. Ask staff if unsure but use your better judgment.


Do not advertise your site or any other potentially harmful places or things on the site. If you wish to partner with the site, please contact staff with a polite official request or do so in the advertisement area once permission is gained.

Chatbox/Discord Rules

Each member are expected to follow the same generals site rules while in the chatbox or using public discord server. In addition we ask that you avoid spamming, obsessive link posting, and obsessive file distribution (photos, etc.)

Roleplay Rules

We want our members to have a fun time both in and out of character so here is a list rules each member are expected to follow when roleplaying.

No God Modding/Meta Gaming

Writing of any kind that suggests the use of a member controlling another persons character in their post will be voided and removed. Using any knowledge against another member that your character in topic shouldnt be aware of to gain an advantage will also result in a post being voided. This is make sure that everyone has a fair and equal chance.


The use of another person's original material without their permission and knowledge will not be tolerated. If you are found to be using something that does not belong to you maybe asked remove the material.

Post Skipping

No one likes when their topic has been halted because someone has not posted for an extended period of time. To avoid members waiting a long time for their topic partner(s) to post, we will be enforcing a 48 hour rule. Any person who has not posted in their topic in 48 hours will be subject to their post being skipped in a topic to allow the story to continue. In a combat RP situation if the person does not post within the time limit, their opponent maybe allowed land the blow from their last assault which in some cases could result in death. If you cannot meet the 48 hour timer and wished not to be skipped, please meet talk with your topic partner to work out some sort of agreement peacefully.
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General Site Rules
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