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 Character Creation Guidelines

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PostSubject: Character Creation Guidelines   Character Creation Guidelines Icon_minitimeFri Jun 08, 2018 12:17 pm

Character Guidelines

Looking for information to help you learn about the creation process? Well you have found it! The information below will give you better understanding of the creation process and help you build a character of your dreams!

Each character a member creates will be given the opportunity to gain a fixed amount of powers and abilities from some you favorite anime and manga universes!

Please keep in mind that you may only create characters and obtain the power from known anime and manga. (The Mecha or Large Robot Anime/Manga genre will not be allowed.) Superhero Comics, Cartoons, and such alike will not be allowed, sorry Marvel and DC lovers. We will also not be allowing the creation of video game characters and powers with the exception of if they have made an appearance or take an active part in anime and manga, showcasing a clear, defined set of abilities. (Manhwa are and will be treated as an extension of Manga worlds)

Examples of Banned Video Game/Comics/Cartoons:
Marvel,DC,Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Persona, Pokemon.

If you are unsure if your world would be allowed or not please do not hesitate and ask a staff member for further verification.

Inhereting Powers

Each character will have the ability to inherit 1-5 powers/abilities of the person that wish to succeed from an anime or manga. The more powers and abilities a person chooses to inherit the less their base stats upon character creation will be. In contrast the less skills of the possible five you could possess the higher your base stats will be. Remember: You are not inheriting that character's body, skill, talents, possessions, or knowledge unless these things are strictly necessary/appropriate for inheriting their skill set.

Now even if a character is accepted by the staff that does not mean the powers of each character from that universe will be automatically allowed. Some powers from anime and manga are inherently too powerful to be allowed as the were in the series. There are also other powers that are capable of breaking the Meta Gaming and God Modding Rules of the site. It is for that reason the ability creation area is needed before using these powers so that staff can create a fair and balanced experience. Staff will work hard to come up with a fair compromise on powers they deem to strong and are willing to work towards fixing the power so that both the member and staff are satisfied.

It is a general rule that powers that essentially give you too massive of an advantage or insta-kill (think Accelerator from To Aru Majutsu no Index), or anything that voids the concept of balance will not be allowed. Things like time stops and conceptual manipulation.

However, if characters are willing to nerf/limit/balance their overpowered ability, they can be worked with. That said, we acknowledge that changing an ability too much may hamper the identity of the inherited character, so we'll try our best to keep that identity intact. But, not at the cost of site-wide balance.


Now that you have created your character and chosen your inherited abilities, now it is time to see where your character belongs in this Kingdom. This world has been split into two factions the Guardians and Crusaders.


Those chosen by the Patron of Restoration, Vitreus. Protected by glimmering crystalline walls and clad in armour woven by moral fiber, the Guardians defend the planet and attempt to restore it to peace. Their inhabitants were hand chosen by the Patron of Restoration, Vitreus before his capture. Guardians work toward the total freedom of Earth, annihilation of the monsters that roam the land, and preventing the Crusaders from taking control. Should they succeed, imagine a world at peace with no massive cities or empires, only true freedom of life where one's ideals can be met. More information on the Guardians can be obtained by asking IC. Any other information is available by asking staff.


Crusaders act as a progressive force under the blessing of the Patron of Revolution, Fetelau. Their cities are surrounded by massive walls of shining silver, Crusaders attempt to progress the planet into a new world, defined by one's honor and the glory that follows. Strength, virtue, and individual worth are heavily considered values of the Crusaders, as they believe every single soul has the potential to be powerful. Should they succeed, imagine a world always improving and moving forward with an expanding kingdom of prosperity. There would be no poverty or strife, only the magnificence of truth and honor. More information on the Crusaders can be obtained by asking IC. Any other information is available by asking staff.

Other Information

Each member is allowed to have as many characters as they desire so as along as they handle the amount of characters. To make sure that no one runs wild with this statement a rule will be set in place. One person will be allowed to create three characters to start. After 100 post, a member may be allowed to make an additional character. Any character created after the starting three will be held on a strict 72 Hour Post Limit. This means that the character must participate in a topic at least one every three days if the member wishes to keep the character. If your first three characters stay inactive for over a month, they will be met with the same penalty.
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Character Creation Guidelines
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