A collection of stories given life through your imagination and told with a personalized flare. Heavily inspired by manga/anime.
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 Jeremiah Rees

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Jeremiah “Jeremy” Rees






Once a conventional college student on the south coastal quarter of California, Jeremiah lived a lethargic life of whelming expectations. It was only when the sky shattered like glass and the foundation of the planet itself began to swirl into nothingness did he finally begin notice the heavy handed possibilities that his life could have offered. Through a cyclone of apocalyptic conclusions, Jeremiah embraced the ultimate slumber with absolute regret in his heart.

With a chill, Jeremiah awoke to the ruins of recent history through eyes shining like pearls. The first breath was like ice water in the lungs; the air tasted sweet. A caress of pure, fresh and freezing wind against his skin lifted his mind into dynamic action and allowed him to begin comprehending the concept that he was still alive. He was not the first to awaken and he would not be the last, but the first time he opened his eyes to this new world, Jeremiah felt like the only man in the world as he stood on that hill of frozen ashes and dust, surveying the horizon as the sun slowly ascended into the heavens. After the world had died, he still lived. The ground where he stood then might as well have been that of a planetary divergence, one that would act as the foundation for a contemporary age of life.

This mindset stuck with him over a year later, through the introduction of the Patrons and their conscription. The concepts of war and taking sides are generally lost to someone as air headed as Jeremy, though he cannot ignore the illogical sense of loyalty bestowed in his heart whenever he sees the glimmering silver walls of Sydney, or when he stands on the easiest building to climb and looks out over the city he now calls home. The lights of never ending progress and restoration in contrast with the deepness of the now-unimpeded night sky often gave him a sense of self-understanding-- as much as one can have. Regardless, Jeremy lives through a curious state of mind, taking a piece off of every kind of knowledge he can gather about this alien existence he now lives. At the end of the day, despite working as a construction agent, Jeremiah often dreams of a life far, far beyond the walls of supposed prosperity.


-Few changes of clothes

-Working music player + headphones

-Industrial pocket knife


Jeremiah Rees (click):

A young man who stands every so slightly above the common man at 6’0 even with a thin, average build. Caucasian/olive skin speaking lightly of European descent speckled with tiny scars from working with his hands both before and after the world spiraled out of control. His hair is a coarse, uneven mess of dull gray and light tan; a result of two decades in and out of chlorine filtered pools. Jeremiah’s eyes are a stately hazel easily mistaken as either brown or green and accentuated by the contrast between his long lashes and sharp jaw line.

Jeremy typically dresses in slacks with a black leather belt and a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, occasionally adding a hooded jacket when the weather deigns it necessary. He typically keeps an over ear head set around his neck and sunglasses hanging on the hem of his shirt.  


Character of Inheritance

Koyo Aoba

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Construction worker in Sydney
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Jeremiah Rees
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