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 Camilia Rose - Guardian

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PostSubject: Camilia Rose - Guardian    Fri Jun 08, 2018 9:40 pm


Camilia Rose




The upbringing of the British upper class had blessed this starry-eyed youth with a fairy tale life; from the very beginning, she had known nothing but freedom, and the years leading up to her callous awakening were as blissful as naive dreams. For a young girl raised on fables, there was no desire greater than to find one's own "happily ever after", and even as she grew past the age of childlike thought, Camilia never once lost sight of the dream of a happy life.

This was the first dream to crumble when the world's cruelty finally unveiled itself to her. When the salvo of evil and darkness finally descended onto the earth, it was as the harrying of her paradise. And in the wake of the world's cold-blooded murder stood only monsters and ruins. When she woke up for the first time in her life, she was lost, like all were bound to be when the stability vanished from beneath their feet. Lost, but hardly alone. All of mankind had witnessed the same impossible instance, and all were forced to bear with the same alien struggle that nobody could have ever prepared for.

The monsters were not the only foreigners to arrive on earth, however. Over the next year, Camilia would come to discover the Patrons, come to seek refuge in cities bordered by crystal. As war began to brew, she knew it was her duty to fight for the just cause - the cause of the Guardians, which sought the peace and freedom that had been shattered by a dark and terrible impact.

But her path to peace was a bloodier one than most would accept. With great zeal and furious conviction, Camilia fights a battle to end all battles, aiming her blade at all the monsters that might threaten the free world she now dreams of. And perhaps some of those monsters might disguise themselves as humans - those are the oppressors, the enemy that would take advnatage of humanity's weakness to impose their own selfish control over the world. If great bloodshed is the only means to a world of true freedom, then it is one that this lady readily embraces, and for the sake of the world, she has made murder and assassination familiar friends.


  • A 110cm long nodachi with a black hilt. Typically carried around by hand, as it can be cumbersome when sheathed at the hip.



A young lady whose form is healthily built, with a touch of feminine poise to her otherwise lean and exercised figure. That elegant shape is lined with ghostly-pale skin, as if the maiden had been drained of blood entirely. Yet, the familiar scarlet hue always finds its way back to the flesh, be that over her delicate nails or in thick lines around her sharp eyes, whose piercing emerald gaze cuts deep into the soul. The hair cascading down to her back is of a soft pink tone, forming a striking contrast with harsher reds, blacks and whites she so commonly wears.


Character of Inheritance:
Sasaki Kojiro ~ Fate/Stay Night





Guardian soldier and assassin
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PostSubject: Re: Camilia Rose - Guardian    Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:03 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Camilia Rose - Guardian    Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:33 pm

Stat Allocation
Power: 3
Agility: 6
Durability: 3

Stamina: Average
Perception: 0

Total: 12

Tsubame Gaeshi:

Eye of the Mind (False):

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PostSubject: Re: Camilia Rose - Guardian    

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Camilia Rose - Guardian
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