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 Declassified Document - "Outcast"

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PostSubject: Declassified Document - "Outcast"   Declassified Document - "Outcast" Icon_minitimeSat Jun 09, 2018 9:32 pm

In this world, any territory outside the walls of the Patrons is Outcast territory. Outcasts are monsters, fully and entirely. They are a devoid existence with a purpose of retrieval. They take human beings, be they living or dead, and vanish into the unknown. After a year, it is still anyone's guess as to what they do with those they capture or drag away. To them, it doesn't matter, but a dead body is easier to transport than a live one. They understand this.

They are intelligent creatures with the capacity to learn, as seen by the experiments performed on the only living specimen in captivity. As fate would have it, the Outcasts are martyrs. Upon realizing their capture, they perform a form of self-immolation with black flames that roast them to nothing. Their next to breakable skeletal structure chips away like dust and they are dead in moments. Only one creature has yet to do this. Why?

From what we can tell, they are incredibly durable. Slicing, burning, freezing, shocking, and stripping their flesh is ineffective. It grows back like a fungus nearly instantly and appears to be painless. The only currently known way of slaying them is by crushing their bone structure. If their "spine" or "skull" is smashed, it triggers the black flame immolation and they crumble away. However, this skeleton is extremely durable, capable of taking force similar to that of a high way car crash. They are hard to kill. They are territorial. They are aggressive. As of now, this is all that is known about their behavior as creatures. Records seem to indicate variations to these monsters, but they are more myth than fact. Only one conclusive sighting has been proven regarding a "variation" of an Outcast. We've dubbed it a Cloaked, after the black, smokey garb over their body.

Outcast: A monster that roams the planet. Do not engage alone, as they are pack animals. One is typically handled alone, but two has proven to be more than a match for even humanity's greatest fighters. They are intelligent and can learn, very hard to kill.

Cloaked: A variation of an Outcast with a black, smokey-like cape. Their eyes are gray rather than black and are said to be vastly superior to Outcasts. Do not engage under any circumstances, regardless of number.

???: Myths and stories that have somehow traveled between both Guardians and Crusaders, despite virtually zero contact.


Below is the first recorded instance of an encounter with the Outcasts. As more files are declassified, they will be posted here.


Expedition Log - Head Frontier Manager Javier:
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Declassified Document - "Outcast"
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