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 Roku Enzoka

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Name Roku Enzoka

Age 27

Gender Male


Roku was a small boy from The Bronx who spent most of his life in athletics.  From the moment he could walk, he was taught the basics of almost all sports, and a passion grew inside him for them.  He was a town superstar, who spent all of his free-time on the basketball court, both in organized school leagues, and in pick-up games.  Physically, he was always unmatched.  Though he wasn't extremely strong, no one on the court could keep up with him, and he used that to his advantage.  His signature was mimicking his opponents and doing it better than they.  He used sports, all sports, including basketball, football, and boxing mostly, to carry him through Elementary School, Intermediate School, and High School, and even his mother's death his Junior year.  This led to him getting into a lot of trouble.  The use of drugs and gang activity caused him to forfeit his scholarships to all of the best schools in the nation.  Cocaine became his only friend.  He lost his father, not to death, but to resentment.  Roku became a pretty big deal in the nefarious group that he worked with, and earned a lot of respect... and fear.  Then the world simply... well, ended.  For the first six months, while humanity was in ruin, Roku was more or less a king.  He dominated, and with little to no law, got whatever he wanted.  He WAS the law.  When his father confronted him about his behavior, Roku killed him.  It didn't bother him at first, but as the weeks passed, the guilt took hold.  Roku was forced to start moving, as the monsters had wiped out most of his men.  Roku was soon approached by a strange woman who claimed to be a part of the Crusaders.  She told him of his powers, the ability to copy the powers of others, and taught him to figure out how to use them.  She told him of the goals of her group, and guilt-ridden, feeling as if his only option was to do something... good... for the world, to balance all of his bad, Roku accompanied the woman.  We pick up 4 months after Roku's arrival to a Crusader Garrison, as a footsoldier who just completed his training.


Roku has nearly nothing.  He carries with him a pack that holds camping gear, a hunting knife, a few basic tools, and a picture of his father.  He hopes that moving up in the Crusader army will afford him more luxury.

Appearance Emiya Kiritsugu from Fate/Zero



Character of Inheritance
Neito Monoma from Boku no Hero Academia

URL link to character


Foot soldier actively looking for opportunities to take command and move up.  Promising prospect in the eyes of his superiors, and highly trusted compared to others of his same stature.[/center]

Ability Basics
Ability Name: Neito Monoma's Copy Cat Ability
Ability Effect: By making contact with a person with inherited ability(s), an inheritor of the Copy Cat ability can copy up to five of the other person's abilities.  The Copy Cat can do this with up to two people at once, but only copy five total abilities between both individuals that have been copied.  Abilities that focus on a specific stat give the Copy Cat the ability to change their physical prowess (by temporarily reallocating their stats) to reflect it, but only if said abilities require a specific stat to be used.  The ability to use these powers lasts the rest of the topic.
Ability Cost: 1
Link to Ability: http://bokunoheroacademia.wikia.com/wiki/Neito_Monoma

Character Stat Allocation Chart:
Power: 3
Agility: 6
Durability: 3
Stamina: Medium
Perception: 1
( https://k-o-b-b.forumotion.com/t13-combat-oriented-stats-system-beta ) [/b]
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Roku Enzoka
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