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 Ability Creation Form

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Ability Creation Form Empty
PostSubject: Ability Creation Form   Ability Creation Form Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2018 1:02 am

This page will act as a guide for allocating your character's stats and abilities. When allocating, please keep the following in mind:

Total Stats: 14

You have a total of 14 stats. Every ability costs between 1 and 5 stats.

If an ability includes multiple "branches", techniques, or more than one powerful capability, it will likely count as multiple and require more stats and ability slots to take.

A total of 5 ability slots may be used.

Please be sure to put abilities into a spoiler tag on your app:
[spoiler=abilityname] Template here [./spoiler]
Ability Name:
And place your Ability App on your approved Character App when finished.

Ability Name:

Ability Effect:

Ability Example: (Optional but preferred)

Ability Cost: (Use your best judgment. If abilities have too many/more than one strong effect, they will cost more than 1. Ex: Rukia's Shikai alone is worth 5)

Link to Ability: (A wiki link to said ability. Optional but preferred)

Character Stat Allocation Chart:

Stamina: (Low/Average/High)
Perception: (2 stats for 1 rank.)
( http://k-o-b-b.forumotion.com/t13-combat-oriented-stats-system-beta )
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Ability Creation Form
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